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If Time was really Up; if women had half the seats in UK Parliament, formed half the CEOs in business, had equal input in the judiciary, police force, health service, media, shared half the wealth, power and influence with men, what would the UK look like? IN EQUALITY WE TRUST is a creative documentary project that attempts to discover what an equal society might look like by asking women one simple question: which areas of our society would you most want to change or challenge if you had the power? The responses we gather from our online survey will form the basis of film.

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 THEY THEM US is an intense relationship drama that follows a group of friends in their mid-20s as they carve their niche in a world. They’re part of a unique generation that’s empowered enough to unpick the meaning of gender, free to test their sexuality and one which has the tools to challenge the binaries that have bound older people. They’re products of the #metoo, feminist, politically polarised world in climate crisis that has called people to be bold and take action. 

Series one follows SUZE, a young woman who tears up the rulebook surrounding her identity to redefine herself as non-binary they | them, SKY. 


Written & directed by Jane Marlow, the pilot was shot in November 2019 in London over four days. 

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